IDE BotStudio no Mac

I try to use BotCity with my PyCharm on my mac.

When I click on the .jar file (as I show on my printscreen) the BotStudio open for me to put on my email, passaword and work-space, but the button LOGIN is still blank and When I click on it , it dosen’t work.

do you guys know What could be the issue?

I have the same problem - can’t login to BotCity studio on a Mac (BigSur 11.6, neither zsh nor bash, java jre-8u331-macosx-x64, and bot studio version 1.0 (1.8.0_331)

@toscanileite sorry for the late reply. If you launch the Terminal, navigate to this BotStudio folder where you have the conf, cli and bin do:

java -jar ./bin/BotStudio-2.10.2.jar

Could you paste the output after you click the login button?
Also, is your Mac running an Intel processor or the new Apple Silicon ones (ARM based)?

@opinsky could you also provide the terminal output for the same command?

@opinsky and @toscanileite we have a new version of the BotCity Studio available for download from our Maestro. Could you please give it a try?
You will need to edit the conf/conf.bcf with the Maestro credentials after download.

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The new version now works well! Thanks for your support!

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I’m glad to hear it @opinsky

@opinsky How did you resolve this issue ? i am still getting the same on the current version, on mac.

@mortondala1 Welcome to our community Forum! :wave:

Could you share here the error message that you are getting?

Also, feel free to join our Community Slack workspace. There we can have a more dynamic conversation and troubleshooting of this issue.