How to run in linux

I installed version BotStudio 2.13 for Linux but i can’t open the IDE botstudio with file.

I need install other app to open the file ?

@marcoamaraldocato welcome to BotCity’s community.

Make sure your file has execution permission (+x).

You can do that via the command line with the following command:

chmod +x

After that you can invoke it with ./ or double click into it and selecting to run with the terminal not the editor.

Let me know if this helps.

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Hello! @hhslepicka nice to meet you.

So, the permission to execute the program is able and the file is run with the terminal (app default Emacs Terminal.

With command ./
I get the next massage:

./ line 3: java: command not found

@marcoamaraldocato you need to have Java runtime installed.

sudo apt install openjdk-8-jdk

After that please try again… you should now have java installed.


Thank you @hhslepicka for your help.

The problem was I haven’t JDK installed on my machine.

After I install the JDK I just run the command ./ and BOOM! Rodou de boas, valeu galera. Tmj.

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