How to run BotStudio_2.10.2.bat

I have to execute this file: BotStudio_2.10.2.bat to connect my Python Project to the BotStudio, but I couldn’t case I’m running it on Mac.
I tried apps like Playonmac but still dosen’t work.
Can you guys help me?

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Hi @toscanileite,

You can create a with the following content:


java -jar ./bin/BotStudio-2.10.2.jar

After that, make sure it has execution permission:

chmod +x

And run it with:


But please, keep in mind that there is a new version available.
Access your BotCity Maestro and click on Download BotCity Studio as instructed here:

It has worked! :slight_smile:
Now I connect the BotCity’s IDE with my project in PyCharm, Whenever I change the code it appears in both places (BotStudio IDE and PyCharm), but when a printscreen the BotStudio IDE dosen’t recognise it.

I install

  • For MacOS - using Homebrew:
    brew install tesseract`

But still dosen’t work. :frowning:

Could be other issue?

@toscanileite please use F9 (:fast_forward:) on your Mac. Unfortunately due to how MacOS handles the print screen and the lack of this key on every keyboard the key is different. We will update our documentation to make that clear.