Does the same bot work on different computers?

I think BotCity is an excellent tool. Very practical and fast to create macros. I created a macro to do some automations on the screen on my phone that is being mirrored. My question is why the bot doesn’t work (doesn’t recognize the images) on another computer even though the monitor has the same resolution (1366 x 768)?

Hi @josewilian,

This is a good point. Generally we recommend that screen prints be done on the machine where the bot will run, even if you use two identical machines, it may be that some specific resolution or optimization configuration affects the functioning of the bot, for example.

In some cases, a bot developed on a machine may even work on another. But in most cases, the ideal is always to use the machine that will be used by the robot as a reference for the prints.

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I get it. So don’t have a technique for the same bot to work on different machines?

In some cases this is possible, in web automations where instead of searching for elements by computer vision you use the HTML of the page, or on systems where you can use keyboard shortcuts to interact with elements, for example.

In the case you mentioned above and in automations where the only way is to use computer vision, this process can already be a little difficult. Some types of resolution and scale optimizations, for example, can make elements not look exactly the same from one machine to another.

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