Problems with any image, it´s does not work


I´m trying experiment the tool but not working when I select to click in the image, inform this error anybody can help?

my code

from botcity.web import WebBot, Browser

class Bot(WebBot):
def action(self, execution=None):

    # Configure whether or not to run on headless mode
    self.headless = False

    # Uncomment to set the WebDriver path
    self.driver_path = "./chromedriver.exe"

    # Opens the BotCity website.

    if not self.find( "teste", matching=0.97, waiting_time=10000):
    # Wait for 10 seconds before closing

    # Stop the browser and clean up
    # self.stop_browser()

def not_found(self, label):
    print(f"Element not found: {label}")

if name == ‘main’:

Hi @reguita,

Apparently no exceptions are being thrown, so probably the bot is finding and clicking on the element.

Just commenting on some important points, as you are using a WebBot, computer vision operations will only work in the browser context.

Furthermore, WebBot uses a Selenium virtual mouse, so it is not possible to see the mouse pointer moving, but the click is done in the same way.

If you can, send here a screenshot of the element you are trying to click on the page. Furthermore, I would suggest trying to do a test with another element so that you can see some action on the page, a button, for example.