WebBot - CLick on Dialog Edge Account Sync Message

Hello everybody!
I’m new to the community.

I’m doing a simple web browsing project with a bot in EDGE 114.

Problem: When opening the browser, I must consider that a synchronization message popup from the user logged into the browser may appear. But I can’t click the understand button to leave the web page clean.

I’ve tried using botstudio to capture the image, click on the button, relative click, move the mouse, use the tab key to try to change the context and I haven’t been successful.

My code here:

bot = WebBot()
bot.headless = False
bot.driver_path = fr'{os.getcwd()}/driver/ms_driver_edge.exe'
bot.browser = Browser.EDGE


# here trying and haven’t been successful

Hi @camilocosta! Welcome to our community forum! :wave:

Please try to follow the instructions on this StackOverflow message to disable the first login experience when launching MS Edge with a new profile.