Desktop Bot question about self.browser("")

Hello, guys!
I am using the self.browser(“”) command and sometimes it pop up the browser and open a tab and sometimes it doesn’t. I want to know how can i popup the browser all the time self.browser command its called. Is that possible?

Best regards

Hey @cso.rodrigo

Are you using a Desktop or Web bot?

Using DesktopBot, you don’t get full control over the browser context; in this case, you will only be able to open the default browser.

For this, consider using WebBot. In this case, it is possible to access the browser context and control how pages and tabs are opened. You can see more details in the documentation: Web Automation - BotCity - Python RPA

I am using DesktopBot, i can use the default browser, that is not an issue. I only want to know if i can pop the window up, because sometimes i am doing other thing on the device like using Microsoft Word and the bot receives a command, it opens the browser, but i don’t see it beause it doesn’t pop it up. Is that possible?

Using DesktopBot, it is more difficult to have this type of control. It is only possible to do the operation of opening the browser. How it will open will depend more on the system’s state.

Now using a WebBot, you can have this control, open pages, and tabs in the way that suits you best, and also work with the browser even without it being in focus.