Install plugin in qpython

Hello, I would like to know how do I install the plugins in qpython 3L?

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Hi @matlima , welcome to our community forum.

I am not very familiar with qpython 3L but after a quick look into it, it seems you won’t be able to run our framework with it due to the following:

  • According to the QPython developers, it aims to provide a limited set of features from the Python language
  • The core or Desktop framework relies on system libraries to control the keyboard, mouse and perform screen capture which are not available or ported to Android devices or QPython
  • The web framework is built on top of Selenium and relies on Webdrivers which are again most likely not available for Android.

You are welcome to try to install/use and send pull requests for review in our open source frameworks available at BotCity - Automation for Developers · GitHub.

If you are looking for ways to automate Android apps, I would like to recommend our Blog post Automating Android Apps - Botcity | Blog .

Let me know if that helps!

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I understand… actually it wouldn’t be automating an app, but sending a direct message with qpython to telegram or Whatsapp, without being a bot, but sending a message like “telegram_send” or the plugins that botcity makes available for example

Got it. For the plugins it may be possible as most of them are simply wrappers to HTTP requests.

Did you try to pip install them according to the documentation?

Let me know if you get any errors and we can work together to get you going on the plugins.

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I tried to install botcity-whatsapp-plugin and botcity-telegram-plugin in qpython 3L but it gives the error in the image below, I’m a little new in this subject so I don’t understand why this error.

I even used pydroid for testing purposes and to see if these plugins worked on mobile and it worked perfectly, but in qpython I can’t install any of these plugins

We are using namespace packages and this feature is only available with recent versions of setuptools. Please try to update setuptools with this command:

pip install -U setuptools

And try again to install the plugins

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I ran the command and it returned me that setuptools requires python 3.7 or higher, but the qpython version is 3.6… I believe this is no longer in your control, so thanks for the help and sorry for the inconvenience :sweat_smile:

Oh yeah, that would be a problem… we need at least 3.7 for all of our codebase.

Python 3.6 was deprecated a while ago and most of the major libraries such as numpy, matplotlib and others deprecated support for 3.6 around 2020 or 2019 if I remember it correctly.

Is the requirement to run on qpython a hard one? Some other alternatives that I could think of are the use of a small FastAPI API for you to run in a lightweight server and simply invoke from qpython using requests.

In any case, it was no inconvenience and I’m sorry we couldn’t get it to work right now due to their python version.

Ah yes, I understand… I’ll take a look at the FastAPI API, thanks for the help and I hope you keep improving the botcity which is already very good.
see you later

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