Bot is not working in headless mode

Bot is not working in headless mode, but it works normally without using this mode.
Could you give me a suggestion where is the error?

@Rafael I would recommend that you save a screenshot before your first find to try and debug what is going on.

You can save a screenshot with self.save_screenshot("screen.png"). After running your bot you will be able to see what is going on with the headless mode.

Some websites have protection against automations and they can detect the headless mode and add some other visual features like captchas and popups to block the bot.

Give it a try and let me know.

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I tested, really what you said is true.

@Rafael do you get a white screen? Some captcha? Maybe we can bypass that…

Another option is for you to use the Desktop bot. That leaves no trace of bot that they can detect

@Rafael do you get a white screen? Any captcha? Maybe we can get around this…
ANSWER: No, in the print, the site image is the same as the visible site, but when I tested it using the YouTube mode, it worked normally. The website that doesn’t work is Login - Dizu - Conectar e Ganhar

Another option is to use the Desktop bot. This leaves no bot traces that they can detect.
Answer: I use this one, but I like to do multiple automations at the same time and use the computer for other things.