Is Botcity framework the same for java and python coders?

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I don’t know much about BotCity but I have successfully installed and got the app running both using java and python.

Using python, I got all running ok and fast, even I’m not close to a python’s good programmer.
Using java (which I’m better at it) I got stuck with the find method, which was not finding anything… until I found someone’s post with the same problem and the same solution (windows zoom 125%).

Then I thought: well… if it worked with python and not with java, is the python botcity framework more reliable than java? Can u guys help me with that question? I depend on that to start my project.

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Replying also here from our talk over Slack:

We indeed have two frameworks as you mentioned for Java and Python.
Our engineering team works to keep them in sync and provide the same functionality for both languages. Most of the content will be available first in Python and later on with Java.
As far as reliability goes, we work hard to provide a smooth experience for both and in case you find any issues our team will make sure to get it fixed.

Also, if you bump into a feature that is not available in Java but it is in Python we can work into adding it to our roadmap and get it done.