Container deployment in Azure

I have managed to run locally the docker image of BotRunner, but when I deploy it in Azure’s Container Instances I could not.

I tried to config the commands as shown bellow, but I got an error I do not know how to fix.



[2023/11/12 02:21:04] Initializing BotCity Runner - Version: 2.8.3
java.lang.NullPointerException: Cannot invoke “” because the return value of “dev.botcity.commons.botconfig.ConfigFile.discoverConfigfile(String)” is null
at dev.botcity.runner.BotRunner.loadProperties(
at dev.botcity.runner.BotRunner.startup(
at dev.botcity.runner.BotRunner.(
at dev.botcity.runner.BotRunner.main(
Failed to launch BotCity Runner.

Can anyone assist me on this?

Thank you!

PS. If a change the command field n Azure to “BotRunner” only, as it is in the documentation and runs locally, I get the error (when deployed in Azure):