Java errors at BotRunner-gui.bat

I have two errors popping up at my cmd in loop everytime I execute the BotRunner-gui.bat script on the machine I want to run the tasks I assigned from BotMaestro.

I can see the java screen with the Start button and the “Waiting new tasks” message, but the tasks won’t load on the machine and the two errors keep showing up in loop.

  • java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Illegal character in query at index 62
  • Illegal character in query at Index 62

I figured it could be my conf.bcf file, but it does not contain any special characters on my machine’s name or any loose spaces in the text.

SOLVED: My machineID was written between two forbidden characters, like this example:

I removed the “<>” characters and the BotRunner executed sucessfully and finished the task from the example bot from BotCity’s GitHub. I will now test bringing 3 of my company’s RPAs in.

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