Screen Freezing when I run the script

Hello, I created a simple script, it accesses a website, clicks on the field I want to fill and fills it with a password, after that it clicks to enter.
However, when you click on the field to be able to fill the entire screen, it crashes and it cannot fill.
What can I do to resolve it? I’ve tried in several ways, and every time I select a field the screen freezes.

my script, in this one I moved around the screen using :

     if not self.find( "logo", matching=0.97, waiting_time=10000):

     self.paste("33410", 3000)



@Arua Welcome to our Forum!

Could you give us some more information such as:

  • Which OS are you running?
  • Python Version?
  • Is this a Desktop or Web Bot?
  • Which browser are you using?

Also, when it crashes does it produce some sort of output? If yes, could you also add it here?

Hello @hhslepicka,

Thank you for helping me !

Which OS are you running?

  • Linux (Ubuntu 20.04 LTS)

Python Version?

  • Python 3.9

Is this a Desktop or Web Bot?

  • I started the project and i’m using it as a Desktop Bot

Which browser are you using?

  • I tried with Chrome, Chromium and FireFox, the screen is getting freeze in all 3 browser.

Also, when it crashes does it produce some sort of output? If yes, could you also add it here?

  • It not produces, when the bot select the text box in the website and try to fill it the browser frezees and the bot cannot fill the textbox.
    The bot can click on it and select but it frezees when try to fill.
    After a few seconds the browser returns to normal and tries to continue (clicking on send button) the process but cannot continue because the field was not filled


Could you try to automate something else other than your browser?

Here is an idea… open the text editor, click in create a new document, write something and click on the menus to save and close the file.

I am trying to find out if it is something with the framework or the system.

  • Does the browser freeze under regular use?
  • Could you try to monitor the resources while the automation is running?
  • When the browser is frozen are you able to still use other applications?

We use this combination of Ubuntu + Python 3.9 and browsers for our internal tests, developments and prototyping and we haven’t faced this sort of issue yet.

Thank you for the info and helping us investigate this issue.