Insert a word from my keyboard

I need to put in a field, a number or word, which I type from my keyboard.

Do I do this with ‘paste()’? Or do you have some other command?

Hi @EmiliWillinghoefer ,

There are a couple of ways to achieve that.

        # Uses the clipboard
        self.paste("My Text or Number Here")
        # Simulates the Keyboard typing
        self.kb_type("My Text or Number Here")

The difference between the two methods is that the first uses the clipboard so in some situations it can be that your application denies the pasting command (e.g. fields in which you need to retype information such as email for validation) so kb_type can be used to overcome that.

o que resolveu foi type_key()

---- adding translation ----

what solved was type_key()

type_key is an alias for kb_type so both will work.