Check fields incorrect

I need to check a field in excel, when there is a cell called “Novo Token” it goes to another field and types “Token Gerado”, if it has "Criar usuário para nova licença " put “Usuario Criado”

I tried to use some forms, but without success



Hi @Geo_emanuel!

I don’t know if I understood correctly, but the idea would be to do this treatment for each field in the worksheet, right?

In this case, using computer vision, it would be necessary to take some care. For example, your first find can always find the content “Novo Token” which is on the first line.

I would recommend taking a look at the BotCity plugin for excel: Microsoft Office - Excel - BotCity

With this plugin you can easily manipulate an excel file, you could use the get_cell method to read the values and then the set_cell to insert a value in a specific cell: